If you’re up to the task of keeping it all hush hush, we have a tip or two on how to plan a surprise hens party Brisbane. 

It’s not always easy keeping the bride-to-be out of the loop while organising a cruise with Wildboys Afloat, but we can try to help you keep the secret. 

To discuss all your booking options and for any other questions or advice, please give us a call on 1300 559 453 or enquire online here. 

Keeping the Party Secret 

While it’s something that has been done before, it’s not often we see surprise parties onboard, but we welcome anyone willing to give it a try. 

You would need to ensure this is definitely something the hen would be keen on to avoid disappointment. 

The best way to organise the night and keep it all secret? We suggest a secret group on social media advising guests exactly what you are organising without telling the hen herself. 

What the Girls Need to Know 

  • First thing – don’t tell the hen or you’ll ruin the surprise! 
  • Your ticket is $99 and includes everything – 3.5 hour cruise, dinner and drinks (beer, wine and soft drinks) with amazing views on and off the boat. 
  • Paying for your tickets is easy via the Buy Tickets tab on our website. 
  • Have fun! Dance the night away with the Wildboys. 
  • One more reminder – don’t tell the hen, it’s a surprise party after all! 

How to Book 

The first step – pick your date. 

Then to make your booking just get in touch with our office either by calling 1300 559 453 or send us an online message. 

We’ll help you set up a booking for your group and from there just let everyone know to visit the Buy Tickets tab on our website and pay by credit card or Paypal. It’s that easy. 

Then make sure you turn up for your chosen night and get ready to have a great time. 

How to Plan a Surprise Hens Party Brisbane 

Surprise your hen with a night she’ll remember for a long time to come. Make your booking by calling our team on 1300 559 453 or enquire online here.

Get on board with Wildboys Afloat Queensland for the best time you can have on the water, whether it’s a birthday party, bachelorette or just a girls night out!

With cruises operating every Saturday night, the easiest booking process around, and all inclusive tickets, you won’t find another night out that’s easier to organise with a group.

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