How to I book a hens boat cruise brisbane?

When you pick out the date of your event call or email our office to book your group in. We will then create a cart for your group on our website and send through a link for you to share with your guests to purchase their own tickets.

What does the strip show include?

All performers only go down as far as a g-string. We never do full nudity. The show is purely for fun and a giggle.

What happens if it's raining on the night?

The boat is all enclosed and is able to go out in wet weather.

Is their a smoking area on board?

There is a smoking area on the back deck of the boat. We ask that guests refrain from smoking until after dinner service.

Will we get seasick?

The Brisbane River is a very calm body of water. There will be the occasional rocking from passing city cats or other vessels. It is very uncommon to become sea sick but if you are partial to sea sickness or motion sickness over the counter medication works really well.

Are guys allowed on board?

Our girls night out and hens boat cruises are completely gay friendly! We welcome the gay community with open arms and have hosted many of their events in the past.